Embroidery Tips

We want to make sure that your embroidered order exceeds all of your expectations. What this means for our customers is that we want to help you to best utilize embroidery as a means of imprinting a design onto a garment. Embroidery is the perfect method for certain apparel needs, but less ideal for others. With our expertise, you can be sure that you’re creating the perfect product. Here are some general tips to help with the process.

  • Our standard embroidery fee covers 8,000 stitches, rather than the typical 5,000 stitches offered by most companies.
  • Our standard 8,000 stitches is usually more than enough to complete most hat fronts or a left chest locations, which is where most embroidery goes.
  • The amount of small detail that can be included in an embroidery design is limited by the thickness of the thread we sew with. We cannot sew something smaller than the thickness of a thread. This means we cannot sew any small lettering smaller than a half of a centimeter tall or any lines thinner than a millimeter. This is a limitation of the embroidery process, not our ability.
  • Simple designs tend to work best. Trying to do too much with embroidery doesn’t always work the best.
  • A thick solid patch of embroidery doesn't work well on all items. Especially items made of thin fabric or items that wear close to the skin. A large patch of embroidery can work well on baseball hats, or duffle bags, but can be uncomfortable to wear on a beanie that closely touches your skin. Try to leave some space between design elements.
  • Some designs that are complicated need to be reworked to work well as an embroidered project. Our designers have years of experience adapting art for embroidery, and know what works well when sewed. Please be open to their ideas. We can always come up with something that looks really nice; it just may be a little different than your exact design in 100% detail.
  • We offer appliqué on all types of items, including split front zip-up or button-up items. If you’re interested, please call for pricing.
"Left Coast T-shirt Company is all about quality and customer service.
Even though our programs such as Bike Month and Safe Routes to School have small budgets and big demands, Left Coast T-shirt Company makes sure the final product is exactly what we want and at the right price.

Morgen Marshall
Program Manager SLO Regional Rideshare, San Luis Obispo CA

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